Ambient / Meditation project

I’ve created an "Ambient Palette" in Logic for a number of different calming/meditation ideas. The template I’ll be using for this month’s project uses a Retro Synth for the lowest bass and a couple sounds made with Sculpture for some subterraneous, cave, wind, almost embryonic sounds. I chose starting with a low frequency as there is a lot of literature on binaural beats and 1HZ Delta brain wave activation. 

EX 1: (bass) 
I’ve decided not to use any REAL rhythmic elements as they may serve as more of a distraction. I do have a subtle rhythmic idea in mind though: Having a pulsating/delay object that changes tempo throughout the course of the song. I’m thinking of starting at 60BPM and lowering the BPM with a gradual curve (Logic_Advanced tempo operations). *I think the tempo mapping would work well with a filter or some very subtle oscillation in a track, rather than a bass note replicating a heart rate - UNLESS, say for more of a “game” where users were practicing heart rate variability or training themselves to effectively lower their heart rate, then the user might benefit from a more noticeable beat.  

If the hardware had any sort of haptic response system, I could program the track to respond to the body, possibly training the listener to lower their heart rate. (?) If the user could input their heart rate into the app at the very beginning, I could use that data to set a starting tempo of the track and the user could then work on lowering it… or with a monitor we could program all sorts of things. 

EX 3: (oscillation tempo slow-down)


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